Science of Dogs

Something that I found interesting in the movie was the wolf and how they were could be trained like dogs and yet they didn’t react to human behaviors like dogs do. This reminded me a lot of my dog. Back home I have a Japanese Chin named TK. First thing is when got him, he was meant to be a Pekinese, but over the years, we noticed that he definitely didn’t look like any Pekinese that my family and I had ever seen. After doing some research, we came to the conclusion that he was a Japanese Chin. He had all the characteristics of a Japanese Chin and hardly any of a Pekinese. Japanese Chins are relatively easy to train and follow commands pretty well.

In the video when the trainers would point to a bucket and the dog and the dog would go to the one that the trainer pointed to first without even looking at the other bucket. That was really familiar to me because we do that with TK. Ever since he was a puppy, we would play ball with him. However, this isn’t his best game. He would always not turn fast enough to see which of the two hallways it would go down. He would look towards both hallways for a moment then look back at whoever threw the ball. We would point either right or left and without a second thought he’d run down that hallway. No questions asked, no stopping when he got to the hallway to look himself just charged right down the hallway.

Another thing that was familiar was when the meat was tied to the cage so it couldn’t get pulled out. The dog would try once or twice and then go back to the trainer for help. That is exactly what my dog does. He’d sometimes get his ball stuck on top of my mom’s furniture (eye level to him, so not even a challenge) and when he realized that it was on top, he’d turn to face whoever was closest and just sit and stare at us then to the ball till we got it for him. It was very interesting to hear the trainers talk about something that I could immediately relate to.



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