Experiments in the Revival of Organisms

This video is about the revival of a dogs head (just the head) and a dog. It’s a bit hard to watch, so I apologize. It has little to do with the biodiversity of a species or dogs but is an interesting concept that may have useful applications later in history.

I learned about this video through a paranormal podcast site called Mysterious Universe, I believe they very briefly discussed the human application in episode 10.02.


2 thoughts on “Experiments in the Revival of Organisms

  1. Chills all over me, after watching this. If they can do it to a dog, could they do it to a human? Ahhh! Who knows what is already possible behind closed doors. (*high crescendo, dun dunnn dun duunnnn!)

    • I am almost positive they could and almost positive they have. Don’t get me talking on conspiracy theory and fringe science, I’ll never stop. But if that stuff interests you check out Mysterious Universe Podcasts. They keep you thinking.

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