Dogs save the world

The film about the dogs was a beautiful piece full of information and things to think about. In the past I have had troubles with dogs, because of my brother being bit by one, and myself having to deal with stranded dogs on my street. But gradually I started to enjoy some dogs, and those were the ones of my friends’ families. I started to see how dogs could be great friends and mediators of the family, how they could take attention when it is needed, how they can relax atmosphere and be just there.

I had two pieces of information that were the most astonishing and interesting to me. First, that when the researchers took a wolf baby and tried to domesticated, no matter how much they looked after him, he turned out to be a wolf, just the way others were. So, it must have been a very specific process that happened for the wolves to become domesticated. It must have taken some time, and it probably couldn’t be any wolf, but just as it happened with foxes, it must have been a wolf with most timid qualities that would allow him to live along the people.

The foxes were the second piece of information that I enjoyed so much. It was amazing that it didn’t actually take so long for them to become domesticated, just because they were carefully selecting the most timid foxes. What was even more astonishing is that they started to look like dogs. So, basically their form was changed by the way the started to behave.

It was information that I couldn’t resist telling other people because it had so much potential. Dogs can read our emotions, they can help us to go through life and we can share our lives with them. Animals can learn things, and can be influenced by people just as people are influenced by them.




3 thoughts on “Dogs save the world

  1. I also enjoyed your info on the documentary and the experience you have with dogs. I’ve had some good and bad encounters with dogs but it all bowls down to how humans treat and instruct their animals. Dogs that are violent are afraid and have usually been trained to be aggressive by the owners. I think FL has a dog in every house, particularly Old Bradenton were they do the “twilight bark” all day long. Someone ought to give them peanut butter. 🙂

  2. I thought it was surprising that they started to look like dogs too. It would be interesting to see if the foxes maintained those physical traits if they were to reverse the process, and start breeding the tame foxes for aggression. As someone else commented, certain dogs are more aggressive than others.

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