Dogs are smarter than monkeys?

I was fascinated by the film we watched in class. I never knew that there were so many different variations of dogs, and I found it interesting that certain dogs can be bred for different purposes. One part of the film I thought was cool is that dogs responded to the human gesture of pointing even though its a gesture that is totally foreign to them.

To think that dogs respond better to pointing than our closest relative (the primate) is astounding. I can definitely see why they use dogs in the police force, and I am sure that dogs could be trained to do a lot more. I believe that a lot of different animals could be trained to do helpful things. There is a company called CrowBox that uses the behavior training theories of B. F. Skinner to train crows to pick up change and garbage in exchange for peanuts. To think that an average bird like a crow could provide such a useful service to humans is awesome!




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