Cats Decoded

As a cat person, or rather just really an animal person, I found this documentary absolutely adorable and incredibly interesting. I never thought about how the domestication of dogs may have taken place, oddly I did for cats, but not dogs. Cats and dogs are very similar in their domestication process; however there is one huge difference! Dogs were already social creatures, cats were not.
The modern house cat is descended from the wildcat, they live through out Africa, Europe, and southwest and southwest and central Asian. They are still common, but they largest difference between the wildcat and your kitty-cat would be that the wildcat is a solitary animal. Prior to any human interaction with cats they were always solitary creatures, they did not socialize among themselves or with other animals. They were actually quite aggressive toward each other, and the wild cat still is to this day. It is believed that cats started hanging around barns capturing small vermin once humans had begun to settle down into an agriculture based system. Like squirrels in he park who won’t let you touch them, but will come very close, cats became accustomed to humans. At this point humans started taking their kittens as pets and breeding them. The cats adapted to have baby features for the entirety of their adult life rather than just in adolescence. Even the caterwauls of a feline began to sounds more like the cries of a human child, so that they would be noticed more by their caretakers. Which, when you think about it, is kinda creepy but absolutely amazing.
Totally unrelated to the rest of this blog but, the other thing that stood out for me was the foxes: why would she need to make an aggressive batch? Isn’t that just abuse? What are they going to do with all those “dragon” foxes?



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