Breeding Dogs

I found the documentary amazing. Not only did I learn about the way new dogs are breeding but also the history. I am a huge dog lover but sadly I have never gotten a dog of my own. They required a lot of love and care and attention and my own schedule is so busy that I just feel that it would not be fair to any dog if I did not give it’s full attention. The most important thing I found in the documentary was genetic manipulation. There are good advantages and disadvantages in doing genetic manipulation.

From looking at the history of dog breeding which I found amazing and interesting that it was started in the Victorian era in creating the “perfect” dog from size, shape, color, behavior and strengths. In the documentary, one dog that is a rare one, hunted the wild boar. It’s features were the fasted, highest smell scent as well as hunting dog and tearing down a viragoes wild boar. And yet it was gentle and calm towards family members. This kind of genetic manipulation is amazing and creating a dog built for hunting and yet gentle at the same time.

The disadvantages to genetic manipulation can cause diseases and disabilities such as hip dysplasia, eye abnormalities, heart conditions, deafness and chasing one’s own tail for hours on end.

I read somewhere that doctors are able to find out if human babies have certain disabilities during month’s pregnancy, can this be done for dogs?

As one blog user stated, “we are playing God” in genetic manipulation and we should be responsible in our research. Yes we can take risk in science other wise we can not learn the unknown, but we should also be cautious in taking quick actions that can alter life and death.

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