After watching the documentary

The documentary was really interesting since it was about human’s friend, dogs. I knew that dogs came from wolves. However, didn’t know how they could have been in this state. It was a interesting theory that like ever since human started to hunt humans and wolves would have been a cooperative relationship. So they could benefit each other. The wolves would help the human to catch the animals then the humans would give them remainders of the animals. Because of they were together for a long period of time, the wolves got tamer.

However, this theory has a whole. There was an experiment in the documentary that to see if you can you tame a wolf. The result was that you can not. The wolf that was raised only by people was like any of the wolf. It wasn’t like a dog that can have a communion with people. It was wild.

They had another experiment of taming fox. They bred only the mild foxes and after many generations they found out that foxes became really tame. They were like pats. Also, they had changes with their bodies. From here I thought maybe humans are the same too. Their nature could be decided by what they get from their parents. However, soon I thought that maybe it can be but humans has more external forces that build their personalities.

Also, that the dog really can communicate with human was amazing. I thought chimpanzees would be much clever then dogs. However, from some aspect the dogs were much clever. They could interact with humans so well. They can think of their masters first. For example, even the glance of the human eye, the dog catches the movement and can get an object for you. Also, chimpanzees couldn’t find what the experimenter hid even they point out for them. But the dogs get the directions from the experimenter and find the object.

Overall, the documentary was amusing and amazing. After I watched it I thought I should have a dog in the future. This documentary should me how dogs are unique compared to other pats and animals, that they could really be your friend. Image


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