Dog Cocktails

I found The Science of Dogs to be incredibly interesting. I’ve always been an animal person and for a brief period of time I wanted to be a dog breeder myself. I had binders full of information on dog breeds I wanted to breed. I would start with all the dogs I loved and then I would one by one narrow it down until I had like three dogs I thought would be the best to breed. I had piles of books on every kind of dog breed there was and all the information I would need to actually become a dog breeder. Temperament, protective instincts, hunting ability, activeness, everything you could possibly know on dog breeds, I had books on them.

To learn that there are people out there creating new dog breeds designed for a specific purpose was fascinating. The Russians blended a series of dogs together to get the perfect dog for their needs, and they still don’t think it’s as good it could get. It’s almost like a game, isn’t it? Will it work if we add a collie to the mix? No? Okay, scrap that, let’s add a little doberman. It’s like a dog breed cocktail. Excuse me, bartender? Can I get a lab poodle collie on the rocks please?

To think that you could probably get any combination of dog you ever wanted just by generations of breeding the right types of dogs is pretty phenomenal. It’s hard enough to find the right dog out of the selections we already have, I couldn’t imagine having even more breeds to choose from.





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