What Darwin Never Knew

After watching “what Darwin never knew”, overall, I really enjoyed it. It is very informative on how Species changes throughout the millennia because of their specific environment they live in, in order to survive. It is very interesting on How Darwin could came up with this radical theorem and it is still true until now through a modern science. It is very surprising because in mid 1800s the technology is very limited and to come up with this theory is a very astonishing feat.

The aspect that is really fascinating the most in my opinion is about the evolution, how DNA plays a big role in the diversity of the species. In the beginning, I thought that DNA plays a role for our appearance, and the ability to adapt comes afterwards. However, after watching this documentary, I was surprised that DNA plays bigger role than just the appearance or feature of the species. DNA also evolves throughout the time as the species trying to adapt to the harsh environment, making the species able to withstand the environment, by changing the feature of the animal and making other parts of the species more dominant.

One of the examples that evident is the difference between the lake stickleback fish and the sea stickleback fish. They are from the same species but the difference is that the sea stickleback fish has a spike fin in their belly for defense against the predator whereas the lake stickleback has none of those features. And research shows that the reason why this thing happens is because in the DNA there is a “switch on and off” that controls the feature of the stickleback.  And these “switches” are controlled by part of the DNA that is in charge of every featured of the animals. That is why in every animal we can see that though they belong in the same group, we can see the difference in them. Like a finch which some finch has a short beak and the others have a longer beaks.

Seeing the documentary really open my eyes on how evolution really plays a big role in the diversity of the species. How a small object, a DNA, in our body makes us human. Though I am still not quite convinced the idea that human is the evolution of the monkey itself or any for legged animals is the evolution of the fish. Though the concept of the evolution is very interesting and we can see the evidence in the diversity of the same species, I just feel like it needs more evidence that can conclude that human is originated from monkeys and monkey or any four legged animals is originated from fish. When did this happen? why can’t we see more evolution in the chimps or monkeys anymore? Or is there any slight evolution in one of the four-legged animals? Maybe zebra now has a yellowish fur to blend in their environment.



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