As a cat person, watching this movie that centers around dogs gave me a new perspective to the canines. I have always liked dogs since a kid but my mother is afraid of it and would not let me own one. What I like about them mostly is because their size is relatively bigger than domestic cats. However, apart from that I never knew what dogs were like, their characteristics and the reason why a lot of people prefer having dogs over cats. Before watching this movie, I see dogs as a loud creature that is also a slave to the human. That is of course completely wrong, apart from being loud…er than cats. What dogs have that cats dont is their capability of reading human’s emotion. Also the bond that they share with humans are similar to adults to babies, which is amazing. I have no clue at all that dogs were that awesome.

Foxes(source: bioacoustica.com)

Another fact that I’ve learned from the movie is how the canine’s characteristics were passed on through the generation, just like how breeding two tame foxes can create a huge generations of other tame foxes, while the aggressive ones remain aggressive even if they were brought up by a tame parent. I wonder if this also applies to other animal species too.

Someone adopt a dog for me!


2 thoughts on “K9’s

  1. HA! CAT PEOPLE UNITE! I had a similar experience with this movie. For the beginning I was kind of rolling my eyes, “Man’s best friend my ass, those assholes bite,” but I think we often forget how, despite the size and mouth of teeth, they are sweet animals. I have two dogs back home in New York, and I do have to say that I miss them now. It’s hard to get over ones own fear of an animal sometimes. I forget that the reason I love cats and am so good at connecting with them is due to my ability to communicate with them. Like dogs they too can understand your emotions. Cat’s lack of credit for this comes from the aloof nature. I feel like people who are ‘dog people’ are immediately turned off by this trait, missing out on the opportunities to get to know the animal. But nonetheless they care. Back in high school I had a bit of a hard time and was crying in my room. My cat (who rarely sleeps with me due to her night hunts) came into my room and curled up next to my chest. She continued to lick the tears off my face and chirrup (mix between a purr and meow used when speaking to kittens). No one can say cats don’t care. It just takes a stronger bond.

    Check out these sites on communicating with cats. The slow blink thing really works I use it all the time to pet strange street cats. :]


  2. Whoa your cat is amazing and so sweet! If only my cats are that loving, ha. Yeah I think the reason why I like cats is because I somehow have the same personality where at times I like to be left alone and not be to clingy to anyone in general while I guess dog people are the other way around (?). Oh I’ve tried the blinking method at time, and sometimes they do blink back but most of the times I dont get the response I want lol. Ooh that’s a great site you attach, theres actually a thorough explanation to all the cat gestures.

    someone adopt me a cat! I want both cats and dogs ahh!

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