Dogs and Human


After watching that video, I feel that dogs have been evolving together with our human for tens of thousands of years. Dogs are our best friends. We even start to believe that dogs are like human too, however they are not human, they will never become human. At the beginning of the video, it proves that doges are animals that have lots of emotions, they can have a reaction when another dog got the food, when new people arrive or when they are ignored, they would give specific reactions. I also like that the video explains why dogs can sense human behaviors so precisely. Dogs are definitely smarter than we think. I don’t want to bring up sad stories but the death of my first dog makes me believe that dogs are emotional species like us. My first dog named “meiling”, because of some unfortunate reasons, she suffers meningitis. We have brought her to many vets, but none of them can save her, we all know she has an unbearable headache as she constantly bury her head into her palms, the moment she dies, the pain made her decide to end her life, she suddenly started to hit her head on the ground, the hitting is so hard that the floor is kind of shaking, I know she wants to die faster, I really wish I could share her pain and let her pass peacefully . it is the first time in my life to see that dogs could understand how sick they are and they understand death is sometimes better than living in pains. After “meiling” passed away, I cant believe dogs are so emotional and I think human should treat them with more respects since they are so intelligent species.

Human and dogs are not only friends, we can even evolve together. Humans and dogs have shared the same living environment for years. Human and dogs share genes that deal with diet and behaviors, dogs and humans also share diseases. Like what it is described in the video, dogs are our best friends, humans can never become what we are today without the helps of dogs!


2 thoughts on “Dogs and Human

  1. This was a devastating read! I’m terribly sorry for your loss and Meiling’s condition You’re absolutely right believing in the advanced emotionally capacity of animals, especially dogs! We all seek happiness, whatever that maybe.

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