The immensity of canine characteristics is a breathtaking fact. Knowing that almost all of our current domesticated dog breeds today have all been ‘created’ in the last century is incredible. What really captured my attention about this phenomenon of all things would have to be the use of this genetic marvel. At the beginning of this explosive discovery, the Victorian era, the idea of breeding seemed to spread like wildfire among those capable. What really interested me though was the obsession they had with molding these creatures into something as daily and fashionable as their accessories. The way that the Victorians manipulated genes and species themselves could have been compared to the practice of a mad scientist. But they all seemed to treat it so calmly and normal. Nothing about it was unusual, as unusual as it really was. They certainly knew they wanted a dog as flawless as they were, and they created their own beings to match their ego. Even today, the way people manipulate and ‘perfect’ a dog species just for show seems like an absurd practice. Mixing and matching genetic code to come up with the most fashionable and prize-winning looker sounds like a barbaric practice, but it’s something that’s never stopped being an honorable sport… of sorts.
While some use this amazing process for that reason alone, the usage of breeding to create living tools is even more amazing. Animals like the Dogoargentino are truly pieces of work that would take your breath away. The mixture of all their traits so flawlessly seamed together seems unreal. Even having them show such restraint against their hunt along with their fearless teamwork and nature to pursue at the word. Sniffing dogs, aid dogs, all of the breeds created for our benefit are absolutely wonderful. But their added genetic ‘defects’, the diseases that tag along with their superiority, caught my attention too. While it is a horrible thing to continue to keep breeding show-dogs with known genetic illnesses, others are used positively to help find cures for both dogs and mankind.


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  1. I agree with you, I found it interesting that the way the Victorians mixed the genes and cross species, it deem fine to people. It seemed that they have developed a perfect breed of dogs.

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