Breeding Dogs… Good or bad?

I really liked the movie we saw in class, it was very interesting to see how may different dogs are combined to make a certain dog. What really surprised me was we also breed dogs not on just looks but also on attitude, and how they react with humans, children. Its nice to  have dogs with a good temperament, which got me wondering what about dog who don’t have good temperament like pit bulls and rot realer, instead of killing off dogs in the “Red” zones couldn’t we breed good temperament into them? Though its nice to be able to breed dogs together to make the perfect dog, I think we might have gone to far on certain breeds. Like the new breed, its a husky and a corgi mix, I understand its cute and all but I personal don’t think its a good mix at all. Having a dog who loves to sprint and jump around mixed with genes of a short legged, hip problem-ed gene is kinda off putting in my opinion. As cute as a husky corgi can look it just looks off to me.  In my opinion I feel like we should be more careful when crossing dog genetics over to one another. 


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