Dogs Dogs Dogs

I love dogs! And watching “The Science of Dogs” is basically one moment of awwwww after the next, with science! I have grown up with dogs and can say a lot of what was in the documentary I already knew. But it was fun to watch none the less, because there were dogs! Now dogs are truly mans ultimate companion and creation, anyone who has had a dog as a pet can attest to this. My mother and I’s recent dog Toby, was a great friend to me, he would snuggle up in bed with me and protect you even when he was scared himself. One time while working on the ranch my mom was about to be pinned by a mama cow, because my mom was trying to vaccinate her calf, but before the mama cow could crush my mom. Toby, came sprinting in and got between them and growled. The mama cow backed away and once she was gone Toby began to shake and looked up at my mom as if saying “Thank god were okay”.

That’s the truly amazing thing about dogs is there loyalty to the family because even when they’re frightened they’ll still come and save you. Dogs are truly amazing, we helped to shape and mold them into the perfect companion, both fierce and gentle and sometimes fashionable.




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