Dog science



What really intrigued me about this video was the notion about how the foxes are either born tame or aggressive. The tame ones in their description was compared to that of a dogs personality. So my thought is are dogs born the same way? Or even wolves for that matter? Are there nice dogs and mean dogs at birth or is it something they are grown into? Another question that arises is, are people born the same way? On a few documentaries or movies based on violent people is they were violent from the beginning but on the same token it is also very common for people to grow up in rough living situations to become violent as well. I saw the scientific study about the wolves and they said it doesn’t matter if it is grown up in a domesticated way they are just aggressive creatures at birth but at the same time maybe they just picked the wild ones out of the litter and then the ones that had potential to become tame were left in the wild to resort to a wild manner. 


One thought on “Dog science

  1. I watched this documentary on criminal minds over the summer that kind of answers your question. To a degree, from an early age, there are signs that can be observed through brain scans that can be used to identify psychopaths and serial killers. This does not mean that they will necessarily be “triggered” into action. Just that they have the markers for becoming dangerous. So yes, I think people can be born with aggressive tendencies.

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