What Darwin Never Knew Response

What Darwin Never Knew


Erica Siegel


I actually remember a lot of Darwin’s past from middle school. The Nova program was a refresher for me. I remember learning his father wanted to be  a doctor, and Darwin had other ideas. However, I don’t remember the reason for him dropping out of medical school was being squeamish. I believe my science teacher in middle school told us he was a lazy student. I can’t blame Darwin for being squeamish (one good reason I’m not in medical school and in art school).

 I was also really excited to learn about switches. It’s very interesting how through genetic manipulation we can turn genes on and off. At the same time, I remember learning in my Sociology class that right now we are in the Information Age, and slowly transitioning our way into the Genetic  Age. Sc-Fi movies can tacky and cheesy, but they have shown us the upside and down sides of humans manipulating the world around us. Dieses can be cured, but at the same time, you can manipulate your new born into a beautiful child, creating pedigree children. I worry for that part of our future, because some of these things are already possible. 

To think that we come from fish is fascinatingly creepy. We are so vastly different from fish. We have a much higher consciousness, and we don’t breathe or spend most of our time underwater. Yet we have similar genes. I learned about three years ago that humans have the same genetic code as a banana. It felt strange to eat it, but I don’t feel strange about eating a fish. 

It’s also brilliant to think that damaged genes created a bigger brain for our selves because of the muscles in our jaw! This was a really fascinating documentary, and I really learned a lot. Image


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