What Darwin Never Knew

 This was a astonishing and interesting documentary for sure. It showed me a different point of view of how nature was diversified. 

 The first thing that was interesting to me was to see how Darwin got the idea of his Evolution theory. I didn’t know how he developed his theory. As the man in the documentary, Darwin said the God will not Imagecare about making so specific diverse species. When he visited the South America Island he noticed that though it is the same species, they were slightly different from what different environment they were in. Also, Darwin got the idea of species diversity from fetas experiment. I didn’t know that snake fetas has foot but it doesn’t develop as they grow up. 

Also, the fact that human has only 23,000 genes was astonishing. That human has less then many plants and animals. Human shared similar genes with goldfish too. So they thought there were something else. They found it on am brio. Why do different species look so same when they are in am-brio state. They found that there is a key gene and develop from there. 

 However, I think evolution on human came from fish etc. is just generalizing everything and thinking it simple. Although it has the structure and evidence of what they thought it was true, I think they need more studies. Because, for me it still feels like evolution is still just a theory. For instance, if evolution exists, evolutionist is saying that if humans keep jumping of the cliff for survival for millions of years they will develop wings. Also, the question about what makes human, human? If human came from any other animal like other species does it mean that like what the Yale university experiment if you give other animals human sources(like thumb) they could become human like?

  Overall, the documentary was astonishing. However, I felt as I always thought about evolution theory that there is always lack of evidence and explanation because it causes so many questions. 

There was the really interesting theory about how the human brain got bigger in evolution. The jaw muscle could have helped the human brain develop because it wasn’t connected as chimps. The DNA part was really interesting. Why humans are so close and different with the ape. I realized once again how the world is wonderful because of its diversity and wanted to know more about it. 



2 thoughts on “What Darwin Never Knew

  1. I’m approaching evolution as an incomplete theory as well–I’m glad to not be alone! I agree that it was definitely fascinating to hear about the origins of evolution, though. Imagine, coming up with a totally new, unheard of idea that would affect the lives of millions! I wonder if Darwin would be stunned by the number of supporters he has now (considering the opposition he received in his lifetime) or whether he expected it all along? Either way, I loved learning about his life and the way he came to his conclusions.

  2. I think evolution theory doesn’t really explain our origin, but it sounds like a reasonable theory as to how we developed once this world came about. I feel like it can’t be complete by definition, but it still can help us to move on with our understanding of the world and ourselves.
    I liked you said that according to the theory we would develop wings if we jumped from the cliff for a million years. It’s probably a simplification, but if we really had to do that for our survival, I can totally see how that would happen : )

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