What Darwin Never Knew

As science never been one of many subjects that I fancy, watching documentaries regarding the animal kingdom is one of the most fascinating and non-boring science related thing to do. Even in my spare time, I could spend hours watching Nat Geo videos on Youtube just for the sake of killing time. Regarding this movie, from the beginning part where it described some interesting facts about Darwin that I have never knew before to genetic mutations of animals that were incredibly mind-blowing, I found all those things highly interesting.

What I like to discuss first is about Darwin, how he was one of the least bright kid at school and became one of the pioneer of science. That is amazing! This gives a lot of people in general a new perspective how ones capability or strength in any particular subject may not fully reflect on what the person may be in the future. Especially as an art student, this would give us hope if we ended up wanting to do something else that we might find interesting apart from art.


Besides that, Darwin’s expedition in the Galapagos seems like it was no big deal but the impact that it made was huge. How different tortoise’s shells and bird’s beaks could point out that evolution occurs in the animal kingdom. Also that every creature without even realizing basically follows the idea of ‘survival of the fittest’ by physically evolving to become ‘better’. This leaves me with a big question mark on the idea of human coming from a single species and how our appearance differ from one another especially according to each region. Does this mean that generations of a family coming from a particular region that moved to another region that has a totally different climate, environment, etc. would evolve to the similar people from the region where they currently live, because each of the physical feature based on the region they originate might be that way to cope with the place where they came from right? It would be mind-blowing to find out the answer.


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