What Darwin Never Knew

I’ve seen this bits and pieces of this program but never sat down and watch the whole thing. When I actually did I found it to be really interesting. I had no idea that Darwin first went to med school and the clergy before everything. I found his 5 year voyage to be quite exciting. They brought him on as just a young scientist, probably never thought that he would discover such a break through. I was interesting to see the difference of turtles and birds between the islands. The fact that he could tell what birds and turtles came from what islands because of there beaks and shells. This was the first crystalized idea showing species change over time.


The part about evolution and species change was a bit eye opening. I understood the basic gist of evolution. But I always thought it was just that we evolved from apes. I never knew the extent of it. When they showed embryos of the different animals, it was crazy to see how much they change. The fact whales have teeth, snakes have legs, and humans have gills. Shows how much we’ve changed over time. It makes sense that our bodies would mutate and evolve over time. The weak would die off keeping the new evolved alive. The process goes on. 

The thing I found the most interesting, and was completely new to me, were the gene switches. The fact that a strand of DNA can boss around other parts. Controlling if a bug has spots on it’s wings or if it glows. The fact that scientist figured out how to turn the switch on and gave a new fly spots that once didn’t have. It’s crazy to see what technology can do. Someday they will be able to find what all the switches can turn on and off. Then rather then dying our hair or wearing contacts, we could just go have our switches on that control hair control or eye color. 


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