“I Believe We Evolved From Aquatic Apes”

When I watched this video it made me think about a TED talk that I had recently watched. The talk was given by Elaine Morgan and is titled “I Believe We Evolved from Aquatic Apes”. In this talk Morgan discusses the theory that we have aquatic ancestors after the point that we already walked on land, why she thinks the theory is valid, and why she thinks that it isn’t being researched. Out of a lack of professional knowledge on the subject, I thought her argument was compelling and credible, so when I watched “What Darwin Never Knew” I thought, “Wouldn’t it be compelling if they had researched the aquatic theory and presented that.”

Some of the newer revelations that they discussed in genetics I found to be interesting and thought provoking. On the flip side I found a lot of the information to be basic to what we know about evolution today and they did repeat a lot of stuff. I actually recalled trying to watch this special in the past and turning it off about half way through because it was just too long. But, I watched the whole thing this time. One of the most important things that I think this videos covers is the question of how we will handle the power of knowing how our DNA works and what it means. They brought up a few points that of real concern to humanity like if you could know whether or not you were going to develop a terminal disease, would you want to know? And how would the people around you react to this information?


2 thoughts on ““I Believe We Evolved From Aquatic Apes”

  1. I live for fringe science. It makes me perfect for GAD I think. But your question, “…if you could know whether or not you were going to develop a terminal disease, would you want to know?” My answer is yes. I would want to know if I carried any bad genes because if I did I would take precautionary measures against transmitting them to my future children. Karyomapping is a way to detect gene abnormalities in embryos. Regardless of my gene quality this is something I would take part in. I believe 100% that the evolution rate is declining and that the human species is having more negative traits put into our gene pool. Karyomapping is a way to be sure that no genetic abnormalities are present in the next generations pool.

    I know ethically it seems a bit harsh, but it’s our job to make sure that we leave the world a bit better then we left it.

  2. I agree with the poster above, I too would want to know if there was a high ability of me developing terminal disease within my gene pool. I think that, if used properly, genetic mapping could wildly beneficial to the survival of human beings (and even other organisms on the planet). With information like this, illnesses could be widely prevented or at least have their probability of manifesting measured and presented to the carrier. I do see the potential for technology related to genetic mapping being used improperly, though I think its benefits far outweigh its potential negatives.

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