‘What Darwin Never knew’ – Response

Great doc, it was like an opera! It is truly amazing how much Darwin got right, or knew in the first part of this fantastical documentary. He certainly was a pioneer of the evolution theory, that driving force of influence for the oncoming discoveries.

ImageJust that thought of how there was almost no fossil evidence of any other kinds of ‘Hominins’ when he proposed the evolution theory, but recognized a group of disciplines that were relevant to what he was proposing, from paleontology to embryology, makes me feel ecstatic, for where it has led! Regardless of how we came about, we certainly are of nature, which brings me to DNA. “What Darwin never knew” The DNA ”switch” that determines how much or how little of DNA is used is a rather interesting subjective way of how people would think that all creatures originate from one type of ancestor/seed. I’ve found that it would only be in our nature to transcend our boundaries by learning the unknown, by creating circumstances, which in the end again creates itself again.

When this documentary finished I found myself dwelling into the abyss of what makes us human? Our environments demand that we evolve constantly and also determine what we evolve into, but if we can create our own environments than is it us that determines what we evolve into?

I’m not sure genetic discovery, accomplished much towards addressing this question, but I look forward to the next discovery…


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