What Darwin Never Knew

The documentary was an entertaining and well-rounded review of some of the knowledge I was beginning to forget from high school. It was not entirely review however; I did not know Charles Darwin took the opportunity to ride the giant tortoises while he was in the Galapagos Islands. I cannot erase that image from my mind, the poor tortoises. Simply hearing about young Darwin in general was kind of funny, because like the documentary said he is always portrayed as this studious genius but I never really thought of him as once being a kid or anything; you know just the old wise man with the magnificent beard. 




            I love animals, so the fantastic Tiktaalik CGI was beautiful, and all the footage of the animals mauling each other was superb. I chuckled at the British Victorian view of nature; even house cats bring you “presents”, and considering their love affair with dogs, dogs who spend their days eating poop and anything else they find on the ground, mostly dead: I cannot comprehend that level of denial. Nature is brutal but that is why it is epic and intriguing. It is the most grotesque subject which is why it is so fascinating and awesome.

            Something that I found very interesting, and terrifying, was that chimps have such strength in their jaws, and that that insane muscle keeps their brain cavities from growing.  “I’m not talking about biceps or triceps, I’m talking quads.” That is scary.  Also, if that got “switched” for some reason in any other animal, would we suddenly have rivals of similar or equal intelligence?  Would we be at war with other species on our planet? Imagine if we had bird-men walking among us.  This would take millions of years in the future of course, if it ever did happen, but man would that ever be intense.

Over all good show.


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