The Building Blocks of Life

After watching “What Darwin Never Knew” my brain was so full of interesting information that it was very difficult to pick out just one topic to present in this blog post. There was, however, one topic that spiked my interest more then anything else, that of DNA. DNA is the code that ties all living things together on this earth. It is the instructions to build the basic blocks of life. As I was watching the video I couldn’t help but think how similar DNA was to something like Lego or an artistic medium. To make an animal almost completely different all one would have to do is build the right DNA, throw some switches, which tell the body to make certain things like thumbs or spots to grow. Then the proteins, or building blocks would do the rest making up the stuff in the living body.Image

As an illustrator I feel like the same type of idea can be applied in my creative proceed. I will more then likely start with an idea. It might be a small sketch or something I have seen and I think is intriguing, like one of Darwin’s finches for example. Then when it comes to placing the idea in an environment the idea will change to fit into its surroundings like the beaks of the birds described in the video. Instead of natural selection though, I get to be the one throwing switches in the DNA to figure out how exactly I can place my idea inside its environment in the perfect way. Although my building blocks are very simple in comparison to the complexity of DNA I still like the idea that I can draw a parallel between my created art and the very basics of life itself. It makes me think that even a silly little squiggle may end up to be a beautiful work of art if I just keep working on it.

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