What Darwin never knew! and what I never knew!



I really enjoyed this video a lot because the whole program is a new thing to me. There are so many interesting things like how different types of birds evolve different because of their food source and it did not occur to me that such small detail would cause such an extraordinary change in genes. I never had the opportunity to learn about DNA and how/why things evolve. I certainly did not know that we share the same DNA as the early fishes that have legs. The part where many millions years ago, fishes had the ability to push themselves off the water was very interesting and I thought salamanders would have a connection with that, but they did not mention it, so I’m not sure about that. 

It was also interesting to know that we are so different from chimps even though we share 99percent of the same DNA, that 1 percent is what separate us as humans and chimps. 1 percent may not seem a lot but in actual fact is it a whole lot different.  Every animal in the wild adapt to changes and it goes the same for humans, we adapt to changes everyday of our lives. I feel that the only difference that makes us not wild animals is our brains. Our other instincts are similar to animals, they adapt to survive. 


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