What Darwin Never Knew




One person’s curiosity can lead to a slew of interesting discoveries. When it comes to the “Father of Evolution” himself, Charles Darwin, this statement could not be truer. After watching the documentary, What Darwin Never Knew, I saw just exactly how one man’s theories changed the mindset of mankind for years to come. Making his most prominent discovery in the Galapagos Islands, Darwin made many observations on the magnificent species of wild life. It was there that he noticed how the variety of creatures varied immensely, but yet many shared similar qualities. Taking the finch, for example, as a small bird that had many different beak sizes depending on what part of the Galapagos they had come from. It was discoveries like these that led Darwin to believe that creatures and humans evolve over time.

Technology certainly plays an important role in the advances scientific discovery has made. Darwin knew that in his lifetime he would not find all the pieces to his puzzle, but paved the way for like minded scientists and archeologists to follow suit. Perhaps what I found most interesting is what these newer scientists found in DNA that cause “mutations.” The type of DNA in an animal can determine anything from having spots on a cheetah and gills on a fish. To repeat or change these genetics scientists describe as a type of switch found in DNA that makes each species so different. This “switch” theory was tested on a regular fruit fly to see how one strand of DNA could change to make the fly have spotted wings.

It is amazing that so many discoveries are still being made on the evolution of wild and human life. Many people are so concerned with the idea of reinventing the wheel, when really the solutions usually come from looking back at the past. This was certainly the case with Darwin as his legacy continues to live on. Charles Darwin proves just exactly what a curious mind can do!



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