Flash Back in What Darwin Never Knew.

Lets just say I’ve seen “What Darwin Never Knew” about three times now. But I have once again enjoyed it. The overall documentary is very well rounded and helps to give you a great understanding on how species evolved into such wonderful varieties. My brain is now refreshed, which is nice because I have forgotten some things. I must say that my favorite part though during the whole documentary was the discussion on DNA. How we have ones that are switches for a code of DNA and they turn on or off. Then we have DNA that controls that DNA “switch”. 

What is really amazing about that, is that has opened up parts of genetic study that we couldn’t see. During the film they showed how scientists were able to see what the DNA switches were by adding a strand of DNA to that switch that makes the color blue. By being able to understand when switches happen and in what areas, scientists can start figuring out how to prevent or prepare people for certain genetic diseases. And this is all due to Darwin writing his theory and wondering how exactly his theory worked, but due to him not having advanced technology, we got the answer instead much later. And this is all amazing, how over years we continued to study a theory to get an answer and as we were solving the theory we were learning more about ourselves as the human race and our planet. 

Also as I watched this film I got some nice ideas for some scifi stories in dealing with DNA. I think I’m going to have some fun in writing some short stories in what I’ve learned. As always a film that can cover vast amounts of information, will always strike up some creative cord. I believe this is how and idea is passed down and explored for hundreds or years.



One thought on “Flash Back in What Darwin Never Knew.

  1. Hey Aradia,

    I also believe that one of the coolest aspects of this documentary was how the biologists managed to track specific DNA sequences and find out how they switched on and off certain protein-crafting gene codes. How cool is it that a fly can be given glowing wing tips with the insertion of a certain code!

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