What Darwin Never Knew

After watching “What Darwin Never Knew” I really liked how in this episode they read some of Darwin’s dairy. I was very interested on Darwin’s thought of evolution! I had no idea that fish evolved into humans, or ever think that we had some sort of fish DNA in us. Though I’m kind of disappointed in the fact that we lost our gills, I think it would be cool if we could breath under water!  What also shocked me was in the video they talk about how embryo’s all look the same but through time and growth they show differences. When they showed the scene of the four different types of embryo (human,chick,fish,bat) I paused the show to see if I can guess which embryo is which. I thought that each embryo had a unique look to them where I can tell which embryo belonged to which species. I was totally off on my guesses I guesses. Then it got me thinking, what makes animals/humans evolve? I know in the video it talks about DNA, and how DNA doesn’t stay the same or having a mutation, but I really want to know what triggers us, or animals to start to evolution? I know that there are some issues between religion and Darwin’s idea of evolution, but in my opinion evolution involves both religion and Darwin’s idea.  I also find it really interesting on how snakes and whales have the bone structure to forms arms and legs. Though in my opinion I don’t know why its called an evolution if they lost something. Wouldn’t a whale swim faster if he has hind legs/fins? Wouldn’t snakes move faster as well? I also like how the video covered what causes the “switch” in the DNA. I really learned a lot about DNA and evolution and how difficult it is to find each DNA coding.  I am still surprised on how close we look to different species when we are in the embryonic stage. I guess we are closer to animals then I thought.



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