What Darwin Never Knew

In “What Darwin Never Knew”, the topic that I found most interesting was what is considered to be “human” as well as what makes us different from most animals in our planet? Some of the main points are how we create and build new technology, and understanding math problems and sciences (DNA, medical, biological studies, etc.). It was amazing to see all the physical traits we have in common with animals, yet we all have different brains (how we think, process thoughts, etc.)

I was always fascinated and curious of how animals and humans communicate amongst each other. How were we able to understand one another without feeling confused? For example, when I call my puppy—Marley—I would call his name or even whistle. He knows what it means and would be by my side as soon as he hears me. There was this one time when I was watching a cartoon when my puppy started to get my attention by sitting in front of me and wave his paws at me in a begging motion. At first I thought he wanted some food, but I noticed him jump down at a particular spot near the sofa. He gave me this “stern” look and yipped a little. I became curious and kneeled down and noticed his bone was caught underneath. How was he able to know that I could understand him and know it was the bone he was looking for? How did he figure out that I wouldn’t be able to understand his speech and use a different method of communication?


I still don’t understand how animals think besides acting on mere instinct. I’m would like to learn how they can process and understand ways of being able to communicate amongst each other. I do believe animals have a lot more knowledge than what humans realize—we still don’t yet understand their potential.



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