What Darwin Never Knew

I found it very interesting that Darwin made the observation that human embryos have what appear to be gill slits when they are developing. They later turn into the inner bones of our ears, while in fish they turn into gills. I was curious as to if this would only add to aquatic ape theory. I found it interesting that the video ddn’t mention our bipedalism as one of the key differences between humans and other animals. I’d really like to see what the differences in our genes and that of other animals lead to our ability to stand up right and walk. Another thing I found quite fascinating was how the genes that effect the development of our brains were so similar to other animals, but drastically different at the same time. Like how a broken gene that would normally lead to muscle disease is a key factor in the development in our brain. This same gene, complete and un-broken in chimps, helps develop the muscles of the jaw that restrict the expansion of the brain-plates in the skull. It is interesting to me how a genes sequence and timing can be so key in the major differences that occur between us and other animals.

I also really loved how humbling these discoveries were. To find out that humans have about 23,000 genes, while an ear of corn could have double that if not more. Image


One thought on “What Darwin Never Knew

  1. After watching this movie, I have really thought differently about kids. It was so strang yet so cool to hear about his views because of the time in which he lived is different than our own, and influenced so much. I do remember in my AP Bio class senior year that a since misplaced protein can rewrite everything! A scary thought and it makes you think what are the odds that they come out almost perfectly replicated in most cases. The odds, right?

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