What Darwin Never Knew: The Why’s and If’s

After watching the documentary, “What Darwin Never Knew,” I had a few questions: What caused the development of our brains? There is a specific gene that was talked about in the end of the documentary that allowed our brain cavity to expand, in turn allowing our brains to grow; but why? What was the gene that caused it and where did it come from?

In addition humans are said to be one of the few animals that lack natural instinct. The only known instinct all humans share is a fear of falling, yet humans will go out of their way to experience this thought skydiving and other past times. Even with the development of a large brain what caused the loss of these natural instincts?


I think of myself as a very open person, in fact I have a personal motto that states, “Everything is possible,” this leads me to believe that everything in the documentary has some truth to it, even though the theories of evolution are still being worked out. In accepting such a motto it led me to think of my current fascination, mermaids.

My attention was caught with the mention of the slits on human fetus’ necks that become the bones of our inner ear, but those similar slits become gills on fish. I was curious to know what everyone’s ideas were on theories such as the Aquatic Ape Theory and similar ideas suggesting that a form of aquatic humanoids have developed to live in the deep regions of the ocean?

I understand the controversy on the subject, but things that are mythological still hold the ‘ if ’ factor that science is built on. I don’t expect people to share this fascination; I only care to see people ideas on why it’s impossible.



Post by: Stephanie Creeley


5 thoughts on “What Darwin Never Knew: The Why’s and If’s

  1. I personally think aquatic ape theory makes a lot of sense. Maybe not that we were mermaids, but that we developed the ability to walk upright by wading through water (it is the only time that all current apes stand upright.) I also believe that this could have caused us to lose our fur and develop a layer of fat different to other land animals and more similar to whales and the like.

    Here’s a really good video on the theory. (:

    • :] ah yes, I am familiar with this video. It’s great. But do you think that there is a possibility that a few of these apes stayed in the water and continued to evolve for marine life? I don’t think it’s too far off to believe that there could be a species of ‘aquatic ape’ still somewhere in the depths of the ocean. The ocean is so vast, you never know whats out there.

  2. First of all, I agree with your personal motto that “Everything is possible.” I like to say, “We exist. Anything is possible.”
    You brought up a good point about humans not having natural instinct. Now that I think about it, why don’t we? Animals are able to predict the weather, sense when danger is near, and know exactly when to migrate. Why can’t we do that same? Maybe it is because we are so intelligent that we don’t need instincts?
    It’s interesting that you brought up mermaids. (i also think they’re pretty awesome) I watched a documentary on dragons a long time ago that stated,”if so many past civilizations had depictions of dragons on their artwork then maybe there was a reptilian serpent that existed during their time.” Hey, you never know!

    • YES! Everything is possible! Similar cryptids are reported in countries all over the world throughout history! It is foolish to remain close minded to the possibilities! :]

  3. On the topic of humans not having natural instincts, I don’t think it’s that we no longer have those instincts that animals do, but that our cognitive power has developed so much that it overrides our instincts with social expectations and standards for human life. Sure it’s not the same instinct as a dog where it knows how to hunt or where to mark his territory or mate, but we go through a similar, more humanized version. We mark our territory with settlements and physical barriers, when hungry we are protective of food and if desperate enough could even fight over it, and when we mate, though many people will not agree, there is some form of selection based on who has the best genes, just like birds and mammals and other creatures. Are we girls not more physically attracted to strong, fit men just like birds are attracted to the male bird with the most colorful plumage? Social pressures and expectations make us overlook these instincts and also look for intelligence and someone we could live with the rest of our lives.

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