What Darwin Never Knew


I find it phenomenal how that we all came from one fish, or just one animal, and yet many of us lack compassion for life and the animals we live with. We may not understand the extent of these animals “consciousness”, but they must share some type of the same perceptions we do.

Related too, is how similar are genetic code is, is there one language of  genetics. One language for creating all of life on earth? If so, why was the genetic language for life on earth created, this specific way? Is it the way our atmosphere and elements combine together? What are the possibilities of creation? What are they limited by?

I had no idea the extent of which we’ve progressed in genetics. The idea that we can isolate genes and implant them in other animal embryos is phenomenal. The future of genetics is, and will absolutely be part of our future. Will we be able to scan growing babies for gene mutations, and is that right? For me at least, I can’t imagine why not, especially in sever cases of retardation or other disabilities. But who would be able to pay for these treatments, would this cause class warfare?


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