Class Today–August 26th, 2013


Hi Class!

As we talked about last week, I am in Alaska for a work event and am not able to be there physically at Ringling.  I still have class planned however and I recommend you to use your time wisely and get your work done during our regularly scheduled class time.

Here is what you need to do:

1) Post a comment to this post to indicate you are “present” in class.  Please answer this question, “What animal would you most like to see in the wild?”

2) Watch “What Darwin Never Knew”

Streaming from the PBS website (free)

3) Write a blog post on your thoughts on one aspect of the film.  Were you most interested in the history of Darwin, genetics, evolution, genetic manipulation?  Which ever topic strikes you as interesting, write your blog post about it.

Blog post must be completed before we meet for class again (Sept 9th).  If you have problems, questions and concerns,  please ask them before Sept 9th.  You have two weeks to complete this assignment.

Posts must be about 300 words and must include a relevant image.


42 thoughts on “Class Today–August 26th, 2013

  1. Hey Karla! When I was younger I would go bird watching from time to time and I always wanted to see a hoary redpoll, so that would probably be the animal of choice… Then again it would be pretty cool to go diving with blue wales or something. I wouldn’t pass that up.

  2. One animal I would love to see in the wild would be a Kitti’s hog-nosed bat (Craseonycteris thonglongyai), also known as the bumblebee bat. Not only are they the smallest mammal, but their population is decreasing rather rapidly. Hence, I think seeing them would be a rare and highly unlikely, yet incredibly valuable experience if possible.

  3. An animal I would most like to see in the wild would be Killer Whales. They are my favorite animals because of how majestic and beautiful they look–being near one or even seeing them in their natural habitat would be such a wonder to me.

  4. One animal that I would really enjoy seeing out in the wild is a Manta Ray. I have really strong connections with the ocean so sea creatures have always interested me. Manta Rays are so graceful and friendly, I’d love to go scuba diving and see them gliding around in the water.

  5. An animal I would love to come in contact with in the wild would be a whale shark or nurse shark. I love sharks but they’re obviously not friendly. These two species seem pretty chill though!

  6. The animal I would most like to see in the wild is a toss up. It would be either a whale shark because they are such gentle giants or a sea turtle.

  7. I think I would really love to see a loggerhead sea turtle in the wild. My dad use to tell me stories about his scuba diving adventures, and how he would hold on to the shell of the turtle and let them carry him. I think that would be super awesome.

  8. One of the animals I would most like to see in the wild is a wolf. I’ve come close once or twice (my family used to do a cross country road trip every few years and we’d see all kinds of wildlife) but just barely missed them. One day!

  9. The animal I would most want to see in the wild would have to be the flying fox bat. Bats are incredible all around, but to see a flying fox with my own eyes would really be something.

  10. Present! It’s hard for me to pick an animal because I love all species but one that comes to mind right now is a Lion. I grew up with National Geographic films and was always amazed at the elegance, brutality and intelligence lions show. Lot of it is instinct but it’s amazing to me how the females travel in packs and when they lose one of the group and later find, they are pleased to see them. Their rivals are of course the hyenas. Not to say that circle of life is exactly like “The Lion King” but there are parallels.

  11. Oh! And the animal I would most like to see in the wild is the Kakapo, a critically endangered flightless parrot in New Zealand. It might not be able to survive out on its own much longer, as it is adapted to a habitat without land predators. Thus, when cats and hunters came to New Zealand along with humans, they were drove to the brink, where they currently stand.
    A unique trait is their complete lack of worry– they will approach a human with little or no prior experience with them and dance on their head. So cool!

  12. I’d love to see wolfs or tigers/lions roaming free in the wild because they are basically where our current house pets derived from. It’d be interesting to see which aspects of their behavior have remained unchanged even after years and years of adaptation.

  13. Present! I would really like to see any member of the big cat family, but I would mostly like to see a tiger in person. I think they are the most beautiful creature to walk on earth, and most of all they are a way larger version of domestic cats which makes it more awesome! AGH I LOVE CATS, AGH!

    – fay alatas

  14. It took awhile, but I finally figured out how to comment. I apologize on the lateness of this, I swear I tried to check in sooner…

    Anyways the animal I would love to see in the wild the most is a Tiger, but if we expand to cryptids I would like to see a mermaid or possible bigfoot. I know, its unoriginal, but hopefully I would have a camera that took good quality videos. Then I could quit school and appear on talk shows for the rest of my life, it would be great.

  15. Firstly, would just like to say that I am present! haha, but more seriously I think the animal that I would like to see most in the wild would be a snow leopard. These creatures are maybe the least seen creatures in all of Asia, and if anyone sees one they must count themselves within a lucky few.

  16. The animal I like to see on the wild is sea turtle. This summer I went to Hawaii and saw two real sea turtles. I only saw them in books or like in storybooks. It was a awesome experience and if I have a chance I want to see one more time.

  17. I think that some kind of primate would be cool to observe in the wild. I feel Like they have generally entertaining actions and gestures. First I thought about zabras, but what if it just stands there and eats grass? Better go with the monkey.

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