Goliath Spider




This is the worlds largest spider in the world, but the funny thing is this spider is among the least deadly to humans. It makes it’s home in the remote areas of the South American rain forest, it can grow the a foot in diameter, it has fang that can grow up to and inch long. They are mostly achieve at night, even though they have eight eyes they cant see well so they lay a bed of webbing down as a early warning system so that if anything walks or craws near them they can strike quickly and accurately. These killing machines usually eat anything from bugs to rodent, though the tarantula’s venom is very deadly for its pray there bite is equivalent to a bee sting for human beings. 

Though these are the spiders that most peoples nightmares are about, truth is that they are the most “human friendly” spider there is. This is why these spiders are sold at every pet store across the country. i personally would never own a spider but hundreds of thousands of people have made these huge hairy spiders there loving pets. 


2 thoughts on “Goliath Spider

  1. Eeek! I always had a fear of spiders. But really I have heard too that these spiders are actually pretty friendly. I may be wrong but isn’t this spider more known to shed its hair when threatened? Apparently the hair has little microscopic spurrs in it that lodge into the skin, making it hard to pull them out. Then it causes irritation….

  2. I am not a fan of spiders at all – they just freak me out..but this spider is pretty awesome —> here’s a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaZi2lCyrQs
    for that hair defense mechanism; which is actually pretty cool but just hope you don’t make them that mad!

    Having read the original post, it made try and remember this other spider species that has a symbiotic relationship with a toad. So here is that link also; it’s very interesting!


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