Bird Flu is Back!

Hello everyone! I’m sure you didn’t miss H7N9, but apparently it is making it’s return in China. There is a new strain of the flu that has killed 23 people in the country so far, and it closely resembles one found in market chicken. The incubation lasts around 6 days, and according to, “the researchers note that the virus can evade detection in human patients if doctors only take samples from their upper-throat. But even in those cases, it can be detected in samples from lower in the the throat. The comment also cautions against thinking that the source has been definitively identified, noting further studies should be done to “possibly look for other sources of infection.””

Eek! While it doesn’t seem to be a huge threat yet, I certainly wasn’t happy to hear that it may be having a comeback. Some more unsettling facts are that it can reside in a bird for some time before showing any negative effects on it, and it has actually mutated to thrive in the temperature of mammals as opposed to birds. This means that person to person contact transmits the illness much quicker and that it can have much more negative effects on a human than a bird. No need to panic yet, but definitely something to keep up with if it makes you concerned! 



One thought on “Bird Flu is Back!

  1. i herd about this i just didnt know that it had killed 23 people already. i personally know that i wont be eating any chicken anytime soon thats for sure

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