Armadillo girdled Lizard



I recently did a 3D project that dealt with the Armadillo Girdled Lizard. I designed a backpack that doubled as back protection for any one that was into extreme sports that could possibly injure there backs. But as I did research into this small lizard I came across a few interesting things. It is an threatened species due to the fact that the “pet trade” and the fact that these lizards have a multiple different colors and have a series of spikes along its body,This is what attached me to this lizard for the “plates” of spikes. As I was doing the research on this lizards I found out that its jaw power is so great that it can break its own jaw. The defense mechanism of this lizards is to bit its tail and roll up to make the spike on its body to protrude. The diet of these lizard is typical to most others where as they eat insects. The indigenous area of the Armadillo Lizard is dry, desert areas in small scrubs or rocks. 


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