Stunning Myakka

Living in rural Texas i am constantly in and near forests and wild life but never in the tropical forests of floridas swamp lands. I have to say they are far more beautiful than any of the places i have been to in Texas. I really enjoyed how it started off, a long drive to what felt like the middle of nowhere in Florida and then a quick sharp left to the a differently named Myakka Lake Park. As soon as we arrive in the main corridor there is a series of dioramas of the possible animals and habitats that we might see out in the park. It reminded me of going to the Natural History Museums filled with stuffed animals from hundreds or thousand years in the past, the difference is these diorama are exactly what you see and its like a transforming experience to see something and then walk into it. Much like seeing a painting and magically getting to walk into it and hear and smell everything your imagination couldn’t think of. While we wandered about I heard life around me, the win blowing leaves and the bristle of tall grass as small animals make their way through looking for food. No sounds of traffic or other people, no facebook or cellphone signal, nothing distracting me from the beauty of nature. When we were walking over a bridge I found it funny that so many people had just stopped to view a gator that was resting on the shore of the small lake/pond. People seemed mystified and full of wonder as they gazed at this prehistoric predator just lounging around. Thats when i had the thought that people just dont go out anymore and see the world. We are to busy wondering what the latest gossip is or what to do at work or what we’re going to eat that day to see the beautiful world around us and all the amazing creatures that inhabit it. I am very happy we went on this field trip and because of it will spend more time absorbing the outside and stop planning my day around being in a confined room.


2 thoughts on “Stunning Myakka

  1. You make a great point that people nowadays just don’t seem to get out there in the nature and let it encompass them as much because of how society has evolved and what people are technologically embodied into.
    The same thought arose from me when i was observing the alligator during the field trip. It was an interesting concept and I’m glad you brought that point up. People should bring nature/naturalistic elements into there life more often.

  2. Myakka was an amazing place to explorer; I have told so many of my friends who are visiting Sarasota, that they should come to park. They’re especially astonished about the canopy bridge; many of them being photographers, they’re very interested in photographing at the top of the tower, and the park in general..It’s one of those places that people around here know about, but not many others seem to, so it’s a nice escape..I think that’s what makes it so sad: People are stressed about so much these days and like you said, they just forget to take a moment, go outside, and enjoy something as beautiful as nature!

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