More bees please.

When I was a kid I took a field trip to a honey farm. My classmates and I each got to stick our hands into a buzzing hive (the kids with bee allergies seemed to all have been absent that day), and to our surprise the bees ignored us. I’m still fascinated with insects, as I was then, and while keeping my own beens sounds ludicrous, I certainly wouldn’t pass up the opportunity.

The disappearance of bees and the growing need to “green up” urban spaces, seem to be two fighting concepts. We can’t plant green roofs or community urban gardens without bees to pollinate our plants. So it seems that any wave of green that hits an urban community, would benefit from a wave of, well, bee-friendlines I guess. I’m essentially saying beekeeping needs to become as accessible as home-brewing beer or planting your own garden.

Noah Wilson-Rich is saying the same thing.

On a much more grim note, Monsanto has been in the bee-news recently. An act, passed recently, waives Monsanto of liability if it’s GM crops cause any damage at all to bee populations. From the article—

“European scientists have linked bee epidemics to neonicotinoids, which are incorporated into plants grown from genetically altered seeds produced by Monsanto. The neonicotinoids are suspected to be the culprit in the mass die-off of bees in both Germany and Spain. In response to this research, the European Union has already proposed a ban on the seeds in question. Here in the United States, the leading bee research company was bought by Monsanto in 2012 after the company was first implicated in epidemic bee colony collapses, and little has been heard on the subject since.”

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One thought on “More bees please.

  1. i totally agree with you on this problem, with out bees how do we go green. there needs to be some kind of system, like bees, that can be self sustained and pollinate the flowers.

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