Fisheries are Terrifying

In class when we learned about fisheries and how economy fishing is done. I was shocked to find out how commercial fishing is done, and how many fish are taken out of the sea from one ship; terrifying is the word that comes to mind when i see images like this

I mean look at this image!! Its like an ocean of fish!! in a net to be sold for food. This is just sinful!! I know the old saying give a man and fish and teach a man to fish but jeez!! No wonder people think if we keep fishing like this the oceans are going to be barren in just a few decades, it already looks like there are no more fish in the ocean. I think of the japanese fish markets we have seen footage of as well, it just looks like we as a human race really are just over fishing.

I believe that fish farming really needs to become how we get our fish and sea food. If we ever want to go and see the wonders in the ocean before they are gone because of over fishing or habitat destruction or pollution, we have to do something to stop us from going into it like its some sort of bottomless pit of food. If you look at most of the land animals we use as primary sources of food such as chicken, pig, cow, and we farm exclusively, you dont normally hear of someone only hunting wild pig and wild chickens, unlike how we fish. Farming fish has to be the future if we want to continue having an ocean full of animals that live on their own with little involvement from us.


5 thoughts on “Fisheries are Terrifying

  1. This is definitely where the cards Karla handed out last class come in handy. As a dude who eats mostly fish, knowing what I buy is responsibly and sustainably farmed/caught is a huge relief.

  2. But honestly i don’t think after even seeing this image that we are over fishing. I mean theres billions of fish in the ocean right? Is it cruel that i just don’t have feelings towards fish. I mean as long as they are being used as food then I’m perfectly fine with that. Survival of the fittest.

  3. the fishing industry is def bad, but as the people commented before me – i just love fish! i have been pescetarian since i was 12-13 years old, and though i don’t eat fish very regularly, it is soooo hard to give up. tooo delicious. but i am very glad we have those cards from karla so there won’t be a problem anymore!

  4. i completely agree with you, I was talking to a friend about something like this yesterday actually. We as a race (human race) dont realize that we are on this planet or “ship” you might say hurling through space and time, all we have done is destroy our ship, our home. every other animal or insect on this planet has a purpose, does something beneficial to this planet and what do we do ?? We “farm” thousand of arces from rain forests every day. Take millions of fish from the sea everyday, and mine every resource that this amazing place we live on.

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