Last semester I took a tour of the mote fishery. I was pleased to hear the fact that they are using the left over saltwater runoff to grow mangroves which I think are one of Florida’s protected plants because they are such a vital part of our waters eco system. I have had Motes Sturgeon before and it is a good white flaky fish that seems to take on any flavor that you cook it with. I have not had their caviar before or any caviar for that matter but I do like the idea that Mote is able to fund themselves through the sale of this fish egg. I think that we should have more fish farms and cash in on this commodity because the fish market is a second leader in making money next to oil.     


One thought on “fish

  1. i have been to mote marian i had no idea that they had a fishery as well that is interesting i think that it would definitely help on the over fishing the oceans if the fisheries we self sustainable like mote

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