Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, No-Impact-Man!

So, what are my thoughts on No Impact Man?

Well, honestly, I don’t think I’d be able to perfectly pull most of this off. Buying local food? Okay, I can buy veggies from farm stands and grow whatever I don’t want to buy, but I do want pizza or pad thai now and then. Going vegetarian? I tried that, and I just missed chicken too much. No electricity? Not with my career path. And there is absolutely no way I’m giving up coffee, period.

But the movie does make me want to be a little bit better. I already follow the “no new products” thing to an extent; I will buy the newest comic or DVD that’s got my attention, but I do keep electronics until they absolutely can’t work anymore (as I type this, I’m looking at my trusty VCR, which is still playing ancient VHS tapes quite well to this day).   I do try to conserve electricity whenever I can. And, I’m not gonna lie, that laundry technique? I’m totally keeping that in mind for the inevitable day I move out on my own. Hey, washing machines are expensive, and I can’t always find enough quarters!

I don’t usually like movies that guilt-trip me, but this one was worth a watch. I know I’ll never be “no impact”, but I’m at least determined to make sure that impact is more of a slight dent than a giant crater.


3 thoughts on “Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, No-Impact-Man!

  1. i try to be as “no impact” as possible so i recently started a garden and eat eggs from my sisters chicken coop. i guess i try to make up for all the showers i take.

  2. i really didn’t like the people in the movie, that was my only problem with it though.. still, in response to your post: you could eat local and still eat pizza and pad thai – it’s about where the ingredients are from, so if you ask maybe the store/restaurant if they know. and local (and organic/free-range) chicken, is better than any other chicken; u dont have to push the veggie thing (because then it usually doesnt work).

  3. Watching No Impact Man, really made me sit down an reevaluate how much I’m consuming on a daily basis. Food wise I try and buy food that will not spoil a week after I’ve bought it, and any food that I don’t eat in one evening I save and have as leftovers the next evening. Looking at my electricity bill, I realized how much I waste; sometimes lights stay on when they don’t need to be one, so now I only keep one primarily light on in the living room, and when I go to bed I try and unplug everything so there isn’t this constant supply of electricity running to something that isn’t actually on. I don’t know if all of this is having an impact, but after watching the video, I’m definitely looking into my bad habits and trying to reduce my impact in anyway I can.

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