I am vengeance! I am the night! I AM…a panda? A badger?

Say hello to the pied bat, or Niumbaha superba, a Sudanese bat species that, earlier this month, was confirmed to belong in an entirely new genus!

Pied bats had been spotted as early as the 1930s, but scientists hadn’t really gotten a chance to research them properly until recently, probably due to this species’ tendency to fly a little higher than usual. Originally, they were classified underneath the genus Glauconycteris, which is characterized by stripes/spots, reticulated wings, and stunted snouts.

I thought this was an interesting coincidence, considering my final project for this class centered around the bumblebee bat, which makes up its own family in the bat branch of the animal kingdom. I know genuses (genii?) and families aren’t the same thing, but the fact that this discovery came so soon after I finished my project amused me.

Plus, lookit that little guy! I want to pet him and love him and call him George!


3 thoughts on “I am vengeance! I am the night! I AM…a panda? A badger?

  1. i once found a baby bat on the ground. it was about an inch long and would wrap its little bat wings around my index finger. I went to the feed store and got some crickets to try and feed it but it wouldn’t eat and so it ended up dying. that was my last encounter with bats but i do see them early in the morning and around dusk often.

    • that is kind of sad but it’s funny too because i had something similar happen to me. when i was 10 i saw these kids beating a baby bat up so i threatened them to give it to me and i took it to my teacher. he allowed me to take care of it the whole day and we let it out later – and it didn’t die as far as i know. it was funny though because the bat would nest on my wrist, under my sweater, because i guess that it would feel my pulse – liked it – and once it flew away, up in the ceiling and we had to look for it quite sometime. bat’s are awesome – and this one is super cute.

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