The Cove response


After we watched the documentary “The Cove” i had to think long and hard about how the message was carried over. The information about how the fishermen of Taiji, Japan kill big groups of Dolphins in a small cove were no one can be audience to it. This massacre is terrible and the amount of Dolphins killed seems to be far to great in number even if everyone ate dolphin in Taiji. So every year they could kill less and less. I have no problem with them fishing/hunting the dolphin, its an abundant protein that has a migration through their little strip of ocean just like fish do in every other part of the world. My problem comes from how the information was obtained and how the movie had a clear bias and how thats not the correct way to deliver a message of hope and change. Radical action causes radical reaction, usually in a negative way.

From the word Ric O’Berry i was not comfortable with how the film was made out to be. The guy already seemed to be afew screws lost of a full IKEA bookcase if you know what i mean. Talking about how everyone in the town would love to see him dead and how the police are always watching him. Of course they police in Taiji are watching his every move, he is an extreme dolphin right activist, who knows what lengths he is willing to go for his cause. His opinion on the whole Taiji dolphin slaughter is just to bias on the side that the whole town is wrong and evil for doing what they do to use as the main character. There never seems to be any positive side when Ric talks, his opinion is just to extreme.

Then the way the information is obtained is breaking what seems to be every law in Taiji about this sort of thing. The officials of Taiji told the visitors/ foreigners not to go to the cove because they did not want them to see what takes place. Even the fishermen said not to film or go near because it is not something they thought people would want to see. In my opinion coming from Texas its the same as why you don’t go to a meat packing facility or slaughter house, not many people can stomach watching the meat they eat be killed or cut up (it usually gets rid of your appetite). Never during the film when the officials and fishermen told people not to go near did i think it was because they were hiding something, its just a gruesome sight that not everyone can handle, especially if you have some love of Dolphins.

The black ops cameras and sneaking in and disobeying everyone to get this footage just seems dirty and untrust worthy to me. There were other ways to gather the information that would have been more credible. I can’t say they never went to any higher officials in Japan to discuss what was happening in Taiji because they never showed anything like that, but its a much better idea than what they did. Even going to the mayor and saying we want to show people all the good that comes from the dolphin harvest would have been better, it would have shown the other half of the coin, but no they focused on corruption and lying and secrecy over actual UNBIASED documenting.


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