We heard in class that the UN urges people to choose veganism over meat-eating diets. Over 70 percent of global freshwater consumption goes towards the agriculture of meat and dairy products. I was astonished to hear that. I think that fact alone is enough to start to inspire people to change their eating habits.

But how many people are actually vegan right now?

In America it looks like about 3.5-5%  or 7.3 million people in the United States identify as vegetarian. Even less are vegan: about .5% Those aren’t very big numbers, but the seem to be on the rise.


Since we began talking about organic and veganism, I’ve decided I want to try out some vegetarian/vegan recipes… I mean, more advanced dishes than salads. I don’t think I eat that much meat as is, and I think I probably only have red meat three times in the past year? But I would like to see if I could cut down on my consumption of it.

Dairy and eggs would harder for me to give up altogether, however.


4 thoughts on “Veggies

  1. Funnily enough, after meeting someone who was pescatarian (vegetarian who avoids all meat/animal products but fish), my mom decided she wanted to look into either vegan or vegetarianism for the sake of her health (she then decided we need to use the hamburger meat in the fridge, go figure).

    I feel like people would make the transition to either a vegan or vegetarian diet if it became more widely available (or people were educated on it more). I know a few vegans, and they have to make almost all of their food (something that isn’t quite easily done for those of us who don’t have a lot of time). Or in one instance, a few years back, a friend who was a vegan was at a company holiday party and couldn’t east anything aside from what she had brought. I think incorporating education on vegan and vegetarian diets into school systems – like in a typical health class – would be a good place to start, especially in middle or high school where students start questioning their dietary preferences more. Knowing your options, alongside alternative sources for specific nutrients, would definitely help in promoting the dietary switch (especially if people know there’s more to vegan/veggie diets than salads).

    • I actually prefer to cook my own food, now; I’ve always had stomach problems and since I started to cook my own food more it hasn’t been as bad.
      I hadn’t really thought about it before, but I definitely agree that it should be taught in public schools… Maybe the food they serve could include vegetarian and vegan options?

  2. after seeing how the way No Impact Man was living and the positive lifestyle changes he made being vegetarian, i really want to try it out to even if its just for the reason of trying to conserve as much money as possible to pay my loans back haha

  3. I think schools should definitely be incorporating healthier options in their meal options; middle school and/or high school especially. I think we all remember how much the lunch programs in middle school especially lacked in any real nutritional value. I remember a lot of my friends and their parents were vegan; they always came to school with pre-made lunches, and even though a lot of us didn’t understand what it really meant to be vegan, my friends would tell us that they were just brought up that way and had no desire to eat any meat products..looking back and thinking about those patties we had every Tuesday, I think my friends were eating a lot healthier then I was; thats for sure. Having said that about my friends, I definitely agree that it should be an option in school meals for sure!

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