Bees. My God.

So, I left class early before the viewing of the Vanishing of the Bees documentary. However, I know enough about this issue to understand the problem: bee population drops, humans are screwed due to lack of pollinators.

A quick Google search, however, led me to this — a post discussing how three different scientific studies have pointed towards a specific type of pesticide that’s killing off the bee population.

So, by trying to save our crops, we’re actually dooming them. Man, we just can’t do anything right, can we?

In all seriousness, there has to be a better pest control solution that doesn’t kill off species that we do need. I’m not the biggest consumer of organic products, but I can see the reasoning behind buying them.


2 thoughts on “Bees. My God.

  1. I think part of the problem stems from how we’re approaching our crops in the first place: homogenizing our crops so there’s little gene or species variance makes it easier for pests to glom onto these huge resources, flourish, and spread. The elimination of homogenized crops, and introducing a greater variety would probably help with both the pest and the bee problem, providing a wider variety of foodsources for the bees to choose from while ensuring pests don’t leach onto a single crop source. People would have to deal with “non-standard looking” produce, but meanwhile wouldn’t that be better than dumping more chemicals and endangering both plants, animals, and ourselves?

  2. my uncle used to have a bee farm and he would let me visit and help gather the honey sometimes. once i got stung and when the bee died i started laughing because the stupid little bee hurt me and it deserved to die.

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