Bees are actually pretty cool!

I don’t like any kind of bug. I am afraid of lady bug and butterflies. And the bees were definitely not on my list of favorite creatures. They hurt! They are big! AND SCARY! A monster that hangs around flowers. A bug that pollinates flowers and makes honey. A pest that stings. I still don’t want to be around them, but my respect for their existence grew tenfold after I watched the movie, “Vanishing of the Bees”.

I didn’t know that there was even a disappearance of bees. The places I have lived in have a normal amount of bees buzzing around. What I also didn’t know was that the bee keepers were very attached to their bees. I didn’t think there could be any type of relationship with a creature as buggy as bees. It was very interesting to know how much of bees was ingrained into ancient culture. After watching the movie, the bees didn’t look so scary anymore.

It was a shame to learn that the pesticide companies and the protection company that are suppose to regulate pesticide creation are the cause of loosing the bees. The movie didn’t have a finite answer to what happened to the bees, which was disappointing. But I hope that they know by now, and that the company who regulates these things have done something about it. It is funny how “free” we are in this country, and how much corruption we “don’t have”, but we are just as swindled and without power when it comes to big power vs. people’s safety. What I mean by that, is that the safety and health of our citizens is a low priority when it comes to corporate profit. Companies that are suppose to help the people, end up cutting corners that end up hurting people instead. It’s not their problem now, so they don’t care about it.

How can foreign countries be so much more effective at crying to their government than us? I thought we were suppose to be the model? America is more interested in testing out chemicals before finding the consequences than they are about being more proactive about technology and it’s positive effect in our society. They have soo many strict rules on new models of technology in America, that it is the reason why Japan has so many more cool gadgets than us. We get their leftovers 3 years from now. But chemical craziness? Sure, lets put that on plants and see what happens. I don’t understand how government, politics, and corporations work. Doesn’t ever seem to have the common sense logic I expect from “intelligent” people. I hope our future generations don’t suffer too much from this century’s mistakes.


3 thoughts on “Bees are actually pretty cool!

  1. I also don’t like bugs much but i realized how important they all are and sometimes I feel guilty being disgusted. However, It’s sad that the population of bees is dwindling due to man-made products. Money is more important than sustainability to these companies. It made me think, will people change even when we do lose our bees?

  2. I have never had a problem with bugs really, only spiders. I wasn’t there for the movie and kinda of disappointed that i missed it now. I would have liked to learned about some of these points that you have made in you post, it is astounding to me that the chemical industry would do something like that.

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