bees, although small… essential to life


After watching the film, The Disappearing of the Bees, I decided to do more research on this subject because it interested me. I think that this is a huge epidemic, and not something that should be taken lightly in any manner. If bees were to disappear to from the face of the earth it would have a profound effect on every living species. The amount of plants that are pollinated by insects is over 80 percent, and nearly 90 percent of those are pollinated by the honeybee. It is terrifying to think about what would happen if they ceased to exist, due to the large number of plants that would die out due to lack of pollination. The global food chain would be effected in such a powerful way that it would be an epidemic, since most of these plants are a direct food crop for humans, and the ones that are not are more than likely a direct food crop for another animal. I heard a quote that stated that if the honeybee were to disappear in the near future, the human population would only have about 4 years until extinction. This is a scary and real problem that we need to work together to solve before we test this theory. The bee population has done well for millions of years on the earth, it is scary to think that only in the last 60 or so years this has been disrupted. Thirty years ago the death rate among hives was between 5 and 10 percent, however the death rate has gone up increasingly with now a loss of 25 percent is not uncommon each winter. There are movements taking place tensure that this problem get solved, but what can we do an individuals?


One thought on “bees, although small… essential to life

  1. The bees are being affected by this pesticide disaster, but maybe the bees will be able to adapt to this, like how some other bugs (animals) have. Im hoping that if this continues to be a big issue, that the bees will have a mutation in their defense. Since it is so ongoing, and it is becoming a big part of their lives, that maybe some of them would eventually develop an immune system to it. This will be an interesting unplanned experiment to see if something affected by a “natural” (from nature) attack will jumpstart anything.

    – Esther Love

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