Zombie Bees!

The Vanishing of the Bees was a very interesting documentary we watched in class. I had heard about the issue before, and I had no interest in bees so much and how much they affect our world at the time. Growing older and opening my eyes to more about how the world works, I took a better interest in things like this, but the issue with the honey bees had fallen out of media interest. Thanks to this documentary, It showed me how horrible this problem was and still is in the threat of being.



Seeing what problems they still are faced with, or new issues they are faced with that can cause Colony Collapse Disorder. What I found was rather interesting. I found that there is this type of fly that will land on a bee and lay’s eggs into it’s abdomen.  A few days later, the bee with the eggs inside of it will go out into night by itself.  The bee is unable to control it’s body as it flies out to it’s death. Afterwards larvae will crawl out of the bee’s neck.


The behavior shown by these bees that are infected seem to have no sense of direction and will often walk in circles, behavior that can be associated with a zombie like state. It seems to also change their genes and will pass on to deformed wings, which will cause colony collapse disorder.


Trying to stop this from happening is proving difficult since the flies seem to not hang around the hives before hand and infect the bees when they go out and scavenge. But beekeepers have been advised to keep traps for these single bees that come out at night to check and see if they are infected so, if they are, they can isolate the hives so the virus doesn’t spread more.


2 thoughts on “Zombie Bees!

  1. OMG that’s so super gross and creepy! So this is what they’ve found since the media fame of the vanishing bees?

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