Are we corn?


Recently I heard of a man, Michael Pollan, who during the last year has been following a bushel of corn through the industrialized food system. His research was summed up in a quote where he stated: “If you are what you eat, and especially if you eat industrial food, as 99 percent of Americans do, what you are is “corn.”

The man went on to write a book, “Omnivore’s Dilemma” The most profound exert from this book was his way of isolating everything in a McDonald’s meal to existing of corn and derivative substances all from a GMO variety of corn. Most of the processed food products contain either soy or corn now as they are the two most industrialized, profitable, and subsidized food products known. These are directly related to the ones responsible for the destruction of the forests and the prairies of the US. Most of the food products that result are consumed by those who have less money to spend on food, as they cannot afford alternatives, e.g. organic fruits and vegetables.

It is sad that most of the food that we consume is made directly from corn and its substitutes. This is a problem that has and will continue to effect our generation in a larger and larger way. Corn and soy fields are being planned at an alarming rate, disturbing the balance of what grows in the areas naturally.

This is a list of a few things that contain corn:

Hamburger patties

French fries

Fast food taco meat

Chicken nuggets

Soda (including diet)



Fruit juice


Salad dressing


Baked goods



Peanut butter


Bottled water


6 thoughts on “Are we corn?

  1. I loved corn as a kid, but as I grew older and realized how many products were made from it, I had to question how healthy it was to be consuming so much of it (and if it’s changing forms were, in all honesty, consumer-safe or not for the long term). These days it’s hard to even eat cereal – for instance, Cocoa Puffs – without there being the underlying taste of corn (corn and chocolate…blegh).

    (Also, I’m disturbed by some of the products using corn as a base. Milk? Yogurt? BOTTLED WATER? Seriously? AAAGH.)

  2. That’s very interesting. I had no idea all of those products were made with corn. I’ve been finding out that most packaged materials contain products that don’t seem to mix well. This makes sense when you make something from scratch and it tastes absolutely different from the same thing you would find in stores.

  3. That is interesting! It is good to know that what we are eating is mostly corn related. But now knowing this bit of information, is it a bad thing? I don’t think anyone should live on corn alone. They should hopefully be eating more than McDonalds and cereal. If you balanced it with real food, like veggies, cooked raw meat, fruits, then a corn diet shouldn’t be so bad, right?

  4. it is a terrifying thought to really dig down and see how much corn we eat on frankly an hourly basis. All of the food mention and then some along with health care products using corn syrup rather than sugar or ground corn for cremes. It is the largest business in the U.S. and we have space shuttle hangers full of it just sitting in the middle of nowhere in this country. we really are a corny country

  5. There are huge incentives (subsidies, huge market, etc) for growing corn. That’s why we have such a surplus, why high fructose corn syrup is a cheaper sweetener than sugar, and why everything is corn.

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