Oh Ringling, My Ringling..

Oh Commons..


So.. This morning at breakfast, there was no fruit. Typically this wouldn’t bother me but considering that I’m trying to eat better, I’ve been eating whole fruit on a regular basis (yay me!). This morning, however, it bothered me to no end, because now, I’m unable to fruit which was all I really wanted this morning.

Of course, I ask, and I’m informed that Ringling’s vendor conveniently stopped to stop by Hammond Commons (even though it went to Brickman without a problem, not that I’m BITTER or anything like that) because it was… out of the way? I don’t know what kind of nonsense was being sprouted, but whatevs.

What really got me was that Ringling isn’t buying locally (though I distinctly remember being told last year that they DID), even after all the ness they spout about us being a green school and preaching about the environment and what have you. To be perfectly honest, I feel like if we are really going to take the steps into an environmentally friendly lifestyle here at Ringling, then food should definitely be taken into consideration for various reasons AND those ordering are food (because let’s face it, they aren’t doing it locally by the sounds of it) would do well to take this class and learn a little bit about more about what it is they’re contributing to so at least they would be making an informed decision or something.

As you can tell, I’m not much of a morning person and I tend to be a little but on the grumpy side, and let’s not forget the fact that I wanted a freaking apple and couldn’t get it this morning because our non-local vendor decided not to stop by the north half of campus.

**Just a note, if we are local, I apologize for my rant, but I was point blank told that our vendor for fruit (because we got a new one?) isn’t local.. I don’t know.. I just needed to get that off my chest. I’m done. Really.

Have a great summer, guys!


6 thoughts on “Oh Ringling, My Ringling..

  1. It is really hard to eat better on campus. I feel ya! I feel like it gets even harder when you have to feel a bulk of students, its harder to buy local or buy organically. It sucks to think that but it is true. The eggs that we eat from there aren’t really “eggs”, its just stuff in a carton! If they were to buy organically or maybe locally it might be harder for them to keep food in storage for a few days and they may have to really figure out how much they can cook per day.

    It is hard, i totally understand if only there was an easier way to figure this out.

  2. I definitely agree with the above statement – while I think it’s important to buy organic or locally (preferably both), given the sheer scale of the students they’re trying to feed, it’s not made possible very easily while still maintaining a decent price point. If students didn’t eat the organic fruit or produce they did buy – since it typically has a shorter shelf life – that would also produce waste, and the school might lapse back to it’s current state.

    While I think it’s important to buy locally and/or organically, I also think considerations need to be made: what’s being grown locally may not always be what students want. In this case, for want of a locally-grown apple in Florida in May, you might have to venture several hours to one of the few apple orchards here – or you may have to go out of state to do so. That being the case, however, perhaps incorporating an education program into the food services offered at RCAD might help enlighten people about what’s local or in season.

  3. Hahaha! It’s all politics. Once again, it is money that drives. For good reasons or bad reasons, who knows. Ringling isn’t a rich school. They are doing their best to make Ringling the best campus it can be, and to do that, they may have to cut corners in places too. I imagine it is very expensive to buy local food for your students. And it could even be related to a possible fact that not many students eat fruit, so why spend the money to buy local fruit if all its going to do is get wasted. If you feel strongly about it, might be worth the effort to let your SGA know.

  4. It can’t be that hard to find local vendors, can it? In this climate, you’d think there’d be some in-season fruit available.

    Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been frustrated by on-campus food. I’m trying to only eat sugars and simple carbs in moderation (due to a recommendation from my doctor), and it’s hard to find many foods in the “DO eat” category that I actually like. A girl can’t live on whole-wheat sandwiches alone.

  5. I moved off campus freshman year, and my eating habits have never been better. I could go one for days about Commons horror stories and whatnot. If Sweet Tomatoes and Chipotle can get most of their ingredients locally, I don’t get why Ringling can’t.

    Also a place like Ringling sucking up local produce like that might stir up even more local agriculture in Sarasota.

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