True Facts about the Sea Pig


So if you haven’t seen that video yet, watch it. Also watch the others because they’re pretty funny. The Sea Pig, Scotoplanes globosa, are sometimes mistaken for their brethren the sea cucumber. Sea pigs have several choad legs and a big mouth that they use to intake food. They are mainly seen facing the same direction, against the current, so that their food is easier to catch. They eat detritus which is just waste and debris of any kind.

They are found in all of the oceans, even the southern ocean off Antartica. The only thing about that is they are found closer to the surface due to the temperature of the water. Normally they are found very deep, up to 3.7 miles, under the ocean surface. This means that scientists know very little because they’re difficult to reach, and they don’t know much about their ecology and behavior. They’re still trying to figure out if they’re social creatures because they always find them in great numbers. They also found that their numbers go along with how large they are- If they are more around 1000 in a group then they are smaller, but if they are larger they can be found in groups of about 100. Although the populations can fluctuate year to year, ranging from 100 to 1000 in difference.

But all the facts in the video are true, these are just some extra facts for your mind. But they’re not as funny. Sorry about that. I kind of suck.


8 thoughts on “True Facts about the Sea Pig

  1. i’m honestly dying right now. the voiceover is just too funny. i wish science was always that entertaining. seriously though. this must be the guy that’s currently narrating my life.

  2. This is fantastic! I learned about a new animal and laughed while doing it. Thank you. I had never heard of the sea pig before. It reminds me of many of the gross SyFy flicks out there. I’m with the video narrator, I’m good with my bodily set up too. And you don’t suck, that’s just a hard act to follow.

  3. The sea pig is disgusting looking. That video was hilarious. I do however think it is really important that we learn more about them as well as all deep sea creatures. As we continue to destroy everything beautiful about this planet, we are effecting countless lives [animals, plants and humans] without knowing the consequences.

  4. I want to touch it… It looks a little crazy/out there, but I really really want to touch it and see it just so that I can say that I have. That’s just totally awesome!

  5. This is pretty awesome. Gave me a really good insight about a very unique species. I have held a sea cucumber once, it was very very weird. But i didn’t scare it to the point where it was going to spill all its guts out. And also it was very interesting that some sea creatures find these guys helpful. It is a good symbiotic relationship 🙂 Very interesting post and video.

  6. It’s amazing to realize how many different species exist on this planet; big or small, we need to understand that this planet is a big place, and while species are dying everyday, we are also finding new and more amazing species also. Will we ever catalog every species? That’s hard to say, but finding new things to understand; and understanding how we can protect them for future generations is important..even apparently the sea pig!

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